Main RPs Edit

Voyant was the last of Xartarin's three main characters in Project Dark Star to arrive, showing up on the meteor in a swerve star when he got Xar's mass text message. He stayed with the large group of NPCs up until they were all incinerated. He was also one of the first characters to have an ability aside from copying, which turned out later to be a skill scroll. It gave him the power of clairvoyance, however with the downside that his normal powers were dampened (unless he had an ability scroll). For most of PDS, he served as a mainly non-fighting role, finding out opponent's weak points and forming battle strategies better than Xar. However, he still fought a couple of major battles, such as against the Halberd's combo cannon with a demoted Sword ability (reduced to a dagger).

In Mirror World Rescue he took a more active role, especially after Xar "died" when he was crushed by Mecha Kracko. He also acquired the Fire ability scroll, giving him more attack power. Thus, Voyant started actually fighting enemies more often, though it wasn't unknown for him to switch back to his Copy ability for some scanning.

In Project Lost Star, due to losing his memories, Voyant has reverted back to his quiet, stand-on-the-sidelines self he was when he was first introduced.

Subplots Edit

In PDS 2.5, Voyant went to a video game convention, knowing that it was a trap, despite being one of the few characters to detest video games (Odd, considering he's the nerd of the group). He tried to get the other clones away from the convention since they'd be ambushed, but he was unable to persuade them. They were all sucked into a video game world of top-down RPGs, much to Voyant's discomfort.

In Reuinon, Voyant got party hats, but thought the party was thoroughly boring.

Tropes Edit

X-Ray Vision- His main power.

Amplifier Artifact- The "Copy" ability on him acts as one, giving him Garen-esque powers Up To Eleven.

Achilles Heel- Voyant finds these.

Kill It With Fire- Gains the fire scroll right before the Reaper's Cave.

Shrinking Violet- Somewhat.

Character Development- Most noticable of Xar's characters, in that he goes from a nervous nobody to Xar's Lancer.

The Lancer- Somewhat. Though Xar is still the main source of motivation and leadership as far as the two goes, Voyant is the smarter one. However, both are overshadowed by Ayumu, and later, Saria.

Red Oni Blue Oni- He's the Blue Oni to Xar's Red Oni.

Nice Job Breaking It Hero- Nice job telling Xar to drop a mechanical cloud on him, hero.