The training area is a place in the RP Mission: Chao Retry. This is the place where Dino learned his weapon building skills from an anonymous person.

Past Edit

When Dino was still a Neutral Chao, he heard a voice call to him. He followed it to where the Training Area is. There, there were many tools and materials for building weapons. A shadowy figure taught Dino his weapon building skills.

To get there, Dino had to risk sleep time and waking the Dark Chao up, for he had to sneak into Dark Gardens to get there. The Training area is located in the mountains beyond the Dark Garden borders. No one found out about this place yet besides Dino and his mentor.

The Battle of Neutral Chao Edit

During The Battle of Neutral Chao, Dino was alone in Hero Gardens thinking about his training. He decided the he would go to the Training Area that night. After the Chaos Flash, Dino decided to get up and see what was up.

When going down the stairs, he peeked into Chao Gardens. He saw the Chaos Chao's Egg and Yuu's Solar Gun. He picked them up and decided to ignore the battle that was going on nearby. He brought the two items to the Training Area and tried to hatch the egg to use it's metal to build new weapons. He shot the Solar Gun at the ceiling and the debris cracked the egg. The Chaos Chao appeared. This caught Dino off guard, but he had the idea to sell the bottom egg for weapon making supplies. They left the Training Area from there.