Name: Soot
Gender: Male
Age: 12
Species: Pompey
Alignment: True Neutral
Personality: Not very much. Monotonic, emotionless, boring, and tired-sounding.
Appearance: A pompey with a volcano hat. That is, a hat that looks like a brown, more-realistic volcano hat sits on his head. He's covered in ash. There's a pinkish scar over his right eye, a diagonal scratch.
History: Soot lived alone in a cave on the side of a volcano for most of his life, until Sandals showed up, trapped with the entrance to his cave collapsed. he helped her get out through an alternate entrance, however to guide Sandals through it he needed telepathy, so Sandals gave him the Esper Eye.

After they got out, Soot found he was unable to get back into his cave, so he decided to hang out with Sandals.


  • Offensive- Volcano Hat: Amplifies his volcanic powers. Allows him to blast lava and lava rocks our of the hat, and breathe fire.


  • Skills
    - Withdraw: Soot can clamp his rocky shell shut, which is surprisingly strong and can block lots of attacks.- Internal heating: Being a member of a species who's natural habitat include volcanoes, magma, and fire, other areas would normally be too cold for him to survive, like sticking a naked guy on the North Pole (you're welcome for that mental image). However, with a method similar to that of shooting lava out of his head, Soot can regulate his own body heat extremely well.
  • Weapon Techniques
    - Those involving the volcano hat were mentioned above.- Esper Eye power: Also mentioned in the Esper Eye page.


  • Strengths
    - Due to being a species that spends most of it's time several feet away from boiling lava, Soot is pretty much immune to heat short of actually being submerged in lava. However, his shell can even resist that.- Cooled lava can make a handy barrier.
  • Weaknesses- If his volcano hat is wet, it won't work. He also can't swim.


- Sandals (Friend)
- Micheal (Ally)
- Luna (Associate)
- Cwis (Associate)
- Hexor (Associate)- Alex (Associate)