Project Dark Star's Active RPing Members Edit

This is a list of the current RPers from PDS, and their own RPs, in alphabetical order. The names are set as their actual usernames.

Aki Edit

Creator of PDS, she actualy holds the second sequel of the RP that gives name to the forum, Project Lost Star, a well as Ayuburger, Wintertime, No Boundaries, Artificial Matter Warp and the RPs from The Corkboard.

Chocolate Kirby Edit

AKA Chacolate Kirby, creator of both Mission: Chao Retry and Staria. Fun fact: Christmas Child.

Rick (or Silent Evil/RPer or evilthewarrior) Edit

No RP under his care at this moment.

Star Kirby Edit

Holding [/index.php?title=court_records:_Shards_of_Truth&action=edit&redlink=1 Court Records: Shards of Truth] and Ascension (the latter along with Xartarin) currently.

NJ Edit

Hosts ZEUS: Zombie Elimination Unit Six with great mastery, as it has recently reached 71 pages, the longest on-going non-PDS or sequel on the whole forums. Also gave the idea for this Wiki.

William Edit

Creator of this Wiki, is a bum who thinks he can make games. Participates in Moé Lord and nothing but, like everyone else.

Xartarin Edit

Teams up with Star for Ascension, without any current individual works on Project Dark Star. Runs Starsky on KRR.

Nicole Edit

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Project Dark Star's Non RPing Members Edit

drnk Edit

Non-RPer member of PDS, who is made of ice-fairies, witches, law and win.