Name: Nygel Reel
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Rank: Player
Entry Fee: His physique (While normally he is very athletic, he's been reduced to a wimp in the game.)
Appearance: Bright red hair that's slicked back with a lot of gel, and green eyes. 5'10", and semi-muscular. Wears a black Yankees baseball cap, turned around. Dark brown shirt, with the image of a monkey riding a skateboard on it. White shorts that hang loosely from his waist, and has brown boots. Has fuzzy-ish yellow gloves that a lot of people would associate with carpenters.
Personality: Very proud of his athleticism, and loves to take life to the limit. He has more sports under his belt than most people have heard of, ranging from Basketball to Upside-Down Surfing. Considers the world to be his skate rink, meant for him to explore. Likes to think he's big, especially since he can out-bench-press most people (except after his Entry Fee is taken away). Not terribly bright, and very disagreeable.


  • Pins (Limitation: Pins respond to sports.)
    - Picky Picky (Nygel stabs rapidly with a pair of ice picks.)
    - Totally Tubular (A surfboard appears under Nygel's feet, and he rides up a couple small waves that appear in the asphalt, making him spin around and hit Noise.)
    - Slam Funk (A basketball appears in Nygel's hand, and he flings it at Noise. Upon impact the basketball releases a small sound wave, stunning nearby Noise.)
    - Lightweight (Nygel's gloves expand into Boxing Gloves, and he delivers a quick punch. Can knock noise clear across the room.)
    - Bungee Bruiser (Nygel dashes into Noise, and is suddenly yanked back by a bungee cord.)- Winner Fuel (Cure drink. Two uses.)
  • Items
    - Cell Phone- Small wallet