NJ Ninja is the greatest member if Project Dark Star.

Dark Star Contributions Edit

He maintains the ZEUS RP. His habits include spouting random threads in the Trash Can board and starting RP's and Fanfics, but never bothering to finish them. He seems pretty driven to finish ZEUS, however. His failed RP's include Death Note: Shots In The Dark, Paper Mario: Prophecy Of Ages, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Badges Of Light, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Badges Of Darkness, and Our Town RP. The Our Town RP being the only one he didn't end himself to make into fanfiction. This one simply died. He did retry Paper Mario: Prophecy Of Ages, however it never took off. His fanfictions included Paper Mario: Prophecy Of Ages, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Badges Of Light, and Last Of The Circle Ninjas (Naruto fanfic). In all of these cases, he simply did not bother finishing them. He also wrote Happy Tree Friends scripts in the Fanfic section, has since stopped due to lack of interest. He seems too focused on ZEUS to join other RP's and even neglects the one other RP he has joined, which is Kirby: Project Lost Star.

In recent days, he's joined on the #pds chat. All he really does there is annoy people and refer to Star as his mother. He's also attempted to restart the Death Note RP, renaming it Death Note: New Chapters.

Past Edit

None is known about NJ's past, but it is probably glorious.

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