Name: Lucid
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Species: Unknown
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Personality: Is often caught working #2 in evil organizations, and can't stand incompetent bosses. He tries to get the job done as much as he can while under restrictions, usually taking matters into his own hands. Still, he likes to think he has some tact and class in his work.
Appearance: Purple skin, and two large horns twisting out of his head. He wears a black cloak that looks like a beetle shell. His torso is a darker purple blobish figure, that slides along the ground. Has two large skeleton hands.
History: Lucid was hired by Lord Starsky as a second-in-command, as Starsky did not want to leave his comfy chair in the dark room that shrouds his face. However, for most of the time his talents were squandered, made to get coffee. When Starsky was thwarted, Lucid managed to flee and joined the tournament in the hopes he could get to another dimension through it's Green Portals.