Name: Kaminari Miyoshi

Faction: Good (reluctantly)

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Age: 15 (first year)

Appearance: 5’4”. Medium brown hair going about halfway down her back, often braided. Blue-grey eyes. When in school, wears the uniform, but generally without taking any particular pains to make it look a particular way (whether “absolutely correct” or “showing individuality”). Outside of school, usually wears something comfortable-but-not-ugly, like a T-shirt and jeans or something. Never wears shorts, and grumbles under most circumstances that require her to wear a skirt. Always carries a notebook with a deep red cover.

Personality: Hates being interrupted while reading, and will usually express this by being rude to whoever’s interrupting her (unless it’s an adult). This is rather unfortunate, since it’s hard to find a time when she’s not reading. Tends to push others away and picks fights (verbal or physical) when slightly provoked. Somewhat grumpy even with the people she likes. Fond of high places. Don’t touch her notebook. Just don’t.

History: Parents were demon hunters, but they died when she was young. Grew up in an orphanage.

Skills: Enjoys and is good at math, a little better than average with science-y classes, average in everything else. Fairly good at spatial and logic puzzles, except for sliding puzzles which she declares are “evil”.

Magic: Lightning. Mostly manifests as lightning-sparks appearing in her hair with moderately-strong emotions (often irritation). Power is drained by magnets if in contact with her skin or hair. Magnets also attract any lightning she shoots, though if she puts enough power into the lightning they may explode (leaving her rather drained for a while, though). Can put some of her lightning power in hair braids, keeping it from being drained or just storing it for later, and she can use the power when she undoes the braids. Generally not a good idea to touch her hair or you’ll probably be shocked. Currently unaware of her ability to store power in her hair and the effects of magnets on her abilities.