Name: Gilgamesh the Hero King

Faction: Good

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Age: Thousands of years old; biologically about 30, but was revived a few days after Mortem's return

Birthday: January 1st

Appearance: A large, burly man of unidentifiable ethnicity, donning a full beard and long brown hair like a lion's mane. He wears heavy, dark clothing over medium-weight armor with details in red and golden, including a bull and a lion on each of his coat's cuffs. He is always seen carrying Babel, his enormous sword, almost the size of a man.

Personality: The Hero King Gilgamesh is a proud man, placing his ideals of justice and right above anybody else's, willing to risk his own life and that of his servants for what he deems to be "right". He is, however, generally courteous and polite, and won't disregard others or their opinions, unless he felt offended by them.

History: Gilgamesh was born on the dawn of modern humankind, being one of the first and mightiest kings in recorded history. When the Demon Lord threatened humanity with his offensives, Gilgamesh was the one who rallied and led the elite heroes who would eventually strike him down, personally following them into the battlefield. From a prophecy, Gilgamesh knew the Demon Lord would be back, and willingly let his mightiest warlocks cast a spell upon him that would kill him, but in such a fashion that if a threat like the Demon Lord ever surfaced, Gilgamesh would come back to life.

He had revived a few times prior to Mortem's return, helping stop the advances of vile dictators time and time again over the course of history, but always vanished briefly after in wait of Mortem.

Skills: Gilgamesh is a born leader and general, being able to bring to arms any living being that doesn't oppose his cause. He is extremely talented at swordplay and archery, and excels in strategy games. He also has amazing physical strength, being easily able to throw a car or tip a tank over if so inclined.

Magic: Extremely high level Holy- and Healing-magic in his full power, but since he was just brought back to life a short while ago, he hasn't been able to recharge his Magic levels enough to cast his strongest offensive spells.