Doctor NK as depicted by Kamiyana.

drnk (Doctor NK) is currently undercover at Project Dark Star, hiding his true identity as Marisa Kirisame. He has also been seen undercover as Cirno. He is currently lending his talents to the members of Project Dark Star. He is also the founder and creator of the official Project Dark Star IRC Chatroom, #pds.

History with PDS Edit

drnk has always been a wonderful person and has always contributed to pds whenever possible. [[citation needed]]

Trivia Edit

  • drnk knows Chooch in real life, and has for around 9 years.
  • drnk is an avid fan of the Touhou series, with his first and second favorite characters being Marisa Kirisame, and Cirno respectively.
  • drnk is a ⑨.
  • drnk is the storngest.

External Links Edit

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