Deimos is a man who looks like a secret agent, wearing a blue suit and sunglasses. His partner, Phobos, is a small shapeshifting boar. They fight interdimensional crime! Deimos' real name is Seth Helper, brother of Jeremy Helper. He was a detective before he was killed. After he died, he got a job in Center World as an agent.

CeNtEr WoRlD agents, Deimos and Phobos are the go-to guys for when transdimensional shit goes loose. That's exaggerated though, as most stuff doesn't warrent Center World's intervention.

Seth was a character for Aki's "War of the Netherworlds" as an angel that used the shapeshifting Phobos as a weapon, but that never got off the ground. Currently, Seth is stranded on an alternate version of Earth after being sent on a mission to record dimensional data.


Overt Operative- Deimos isn't the stealthiest secret agent.

Sinister Shades- Always wears them.

Dressed To Kill

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