Clause is a small crab that resembles a Sidestepper. His first and only appearance so far is in [[Quest for The Godhand]].

Claude is somewhat smart and very friendly. At night, he went to the nearby school and library and read several books, gaining his intelligence. Other than that, he kept himself in the sand or swam in the nearby ocean.

Quest for the Godhand Edit

Claude appeared during the battle of [[Greater Sin]] when Tira was knocked near the beach. The small crab then joined the team and travelled with them.

When they defeated the Winged Serpent, it could assist anyone on the team. Claude took up this responsibility.

Abilities Edit

Claude has a multitude if abilities and attacks. He mainly just pinches or smashes the side of his claw into the enemy. Claude gained three spells during the events of the Quest for Godhand.

Water Log: Water immediately floods the area, with no surface in sight. Characters can still breath in this water. Anyone can swim or float, and their movements are slowed by the water. The ocean sinks after a while.

Desert Dessert: Since Claude spent most of his life in the sand, this ability was expected. The area turns into a sandy desert, heat and everything. Even sand storms could kick up! The land fades back to normal over time.

Harden: Claude coats himself in metal armor. This increases his attack and defense. After a while, the coat sheds.

Serpent Call: Claude can call the Winged Serpent to aid him. The serpent leaves after a while, though.