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Chocolate Kirby, age 14, also known as Cwis4444, is an active member on the PDS forums.

RP Characters Edit

PDS Series Cwis, Kirbot, ???, Peninta, Oyama, Tira, Caru

GCO: RevisitedEdit

Cwis (Boo), Nat

Mission: Chao RetryEdit

Rascal, Serge, Louie, Lenny, Dino, Chaos Chao, Sol, Spade, Rose, Pa-Patch

ZEUS: Zombie Elimination Unit SixEdit

Miles, R.O.P.

Quest for the GodhandEdit

Evan & Kyro, Claude

Virus KOTSEdit

Azra, Tyler


Rascal (human)

Quest for the Godhand 2Edit

Ben, Libro

Shin Megami Tensei: The Eternal NightEdit


The 7 Crystals of ColorEdit

B.B., Franky, Yelloed


Chocolate Kirby also made two RPs. One, Mission: Chao Retry, is his biggest so far. Staria is the other one, a part of the PDS 2 year span. Another is The 7 Crystals of Color, which was ended due to loss of posts/interest.

The RPs he participates in are as follows:

  • Mission: Chao Retry


Chocolate Kirby prefers Nintendo (mostly Mario) video games over others. Paper Mario is his all time favorite.

Chocolate Kirby's Youtube account is BooCwis.

His page is here.

Trivia Edit

  • Chocolate Kirby has a post count of over 4,500 and is the 3rd top poster on the forums, bested by Xartarin and Aki.
  • Chocolate Kirby's birthday is on Christmas Day.
  • Furthermore, Chocolate Kirby's name is Chris Smith. Chris Smith on Christmas.


Annoying Younger Sibling - Annoying? Check. Younger? Check. Sibling? I sure as hell hope not!

Big Ol' Eyebrows

Spell My Name With An S -Chacolate Kirby

  • "Ex-artarin" (pronunciation, whatever)
  • He used to call Rick "Evil"
  • Spelling errors ahoy!

Four Eyes, Zero Soul - And not in the sinister way, either.

Nerd Glasses

I Have Many Names - Mostly Choco and Choc, but the fact that he has many usernames counts.

Everything's Better With Chacolate - Sometimes averted.

  • But the frozen chocolate sea...

Crosses The Line Twice - On many occasions. (See No Fourth Wall)

Grammar Nazi - Unlike most people on the Internet, Chocolate Kirby tends to use correct punctuation and capitalization in chats.

Primal Fear Insects, arachnids, and heights